Affordable, 121, face to face, vocational training for aspiring writers of film and television drama.

I really enjoyed our collaboration. Chris is knowledgeable and smart about his craft, but also about people and society. He is a philosopher as well as a writer. I loved how he dived into the project with me. I appreciate his commitment. Most of all I value his honesty and his unwillingness to settle for anything less than his own high standards.

A mature student in the Netherlands
Successfully completed the 103 Authored TV Drama module

ScreenWrite services are all delivered to you individually, wherever you are in the world, via 121, face to face online classes and tutorials. 

Most online writing courses give you access to teaching materials and then it is down to you to teach yourself using those materials. ScreenWrite uses a completely different model of face to face teaching that is more like having your own private tutor.

You are taught in face to face, real time, online classes, during which the tutor talks directly to you, and only to you. Similarly script tutorials are delivered to you individually online and in person, allowing you to seek clarification on script notes and enhance your learning.

The timetable is almost infinitely flexible and your individual schedule for these online classes and tutorials can be devised to fit your own diary and work patterns.

There is no time limit to completing a course. You can take weeks even months off during the course at your own discretion.

Beginners can start with a 101 Introduction to Screenwriting and move onto to 102 Feature Film and 103 Authored TV Drama. If you took all three courses it would provide  you with a comprehensive training in writing for film and television drama that is equivalent in scope and content to a university degree or Masters in Screenwriting.

I took a similar course at a university a few years ago but I’ve learnt far more than I did then because of the superior structure. 

Mature Student Canada
Successfully completed 101 Introduction to Screenwriting module


If you wish to speak face to face to discuss your specific needs  we can arrange a free online consultation to talk through the best approach for you. Please email us at info@screenwrite.org.uk  to arrange a time to speak to ScreenWrite tutor Chris Jury.

•  Minimum of 40 hours of tutor contact
•  Intensive 121, face to face teaching
• 12 x 3 hour Online Live Lectures
• Unlimited 121 Online Tutorials

A first class degree or an MA will not get you an agent or a paid gig as a screenwriter.

What will get you an agent or a paid gig is a really good calling-card script!

At the end of each ScreenWrite  course you will have:
Completed a professional education in your chosen aspect of screenwriting.
Gained substantial experience of professional script development processes.
Written a ‘calling-card’ script developed using a professional process, presented according to professional criteria and ready for submission to agents and producers.

The course was extremely helpful and insightful. The entire time I was guided by Chris and was never left in the dark. I was always given direction which I really appreciated because previously I have always been left to work things out for myself but he would be straight with me and to the point.

Mature student UK
Completed 102 Feature Film module

ScreenWrite has been founded by award-winning actor, writer, producer and director, Chris Jury.

Chris is perhaps best known for playing Eric Catchpole in over 50 episodes of antique BBC comedy-drama series, Lovejoy.

What many people don’t know is that since he left Lovejoy back in 1995, Chris has run his own successful script development company, Picture That, been a Script Development Executive at the BBC and an award-winning writer and director of short films, feature films and TV drama.

As a screenwriter he has been commissioned to develop his own ‘authored’ series ideas by all UK Broadcasters and has written numerous episodes of continuing drama series such as The Bill, Casualty, Doctors and Holby.

He has also taught at the University Of West London, the University Of The Creative Arts, the Northern Film School at Leeds Met, Bath Spa University and Ruskin College Oxford.

He was inspired to start ScreenWrite in response to the increasing cost of attending university and a higher education culture that values theoretical academic knowledge over practical knowledge and industry experience.

ScreenWrite provides vocational training based on the standards and practice of the contemporary film and television industries.


In addition to our courses we also offer individual Script Consultancy & Development Services ranging from a simple Script Report through to full Script Development from Premise to Fourth Draft Script.