103 • Authored TV Drama


• A part-time course taught over 20 weeks.

• Next runs Autumn Semester 2020 (Sep – Dec).

• Starting with a taught weekend in Stratford-Upon-Avon followed by 12 x 2 hour live, online, virtual classes on Wednesday evenings.

• Develop a new Bible and first episode of your new TV drama series.

• Suitable for writers with some professional or proto-professional* experience or who have completed  some other screen writer training (including ScreenWrite 101 or 102).

• Fees from £950.

(*Proto-professional might include deferred fee production, online video’s or spec script development)


Each student will develop and write a ‘Bible and First Episode script of a new TV drama series.



With the explosion of video on demand services such as HBO, Netflix, and Amazon we have seen the birth of the second Golden Age of TV drama. Hollywood talent that even 15 years ago would never have considered working in television are flocking to make this new narrative form which Chris Jury describes as ‘episodic film’. This course guides you through the process of devising and developing your new TV series through to third draft script and series Bible. The course covers the history of television drama, the global television industry, Showrunning, the writing process and how to get from script to screen.


Evidence of professional or proto-professional writing experience or previous screen writing training (including ScreenWrite 101 or 102).

You should be able to both speak and write in English to a reasonable standard.

Minimum Age:  18 at start of course.

Required Equipment: To study on this course you will need

• A computer with webcam and microphone
• Evening access to a fast broadband connection
• Daily access to an email account

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED: In order to make enrolment as fair as possible and to enhance your learning experience, please be aware that we have a maximum of 15 places available for each course and operate a first come, first served basis.

103 • Authored Television Drama Series • Detailed Schedule And Syllabus:

Saturday 19th January 11-5 Day 1 TV Drama
• What is TV drama and where did it come from?
• The contemporary TV drama landscape.
Sunday 20th January 10-4 Day 2 TV Drama
• Story, structure & form in the TV drama
Conceiving and conceptualising a TV drama
Wednesday January 23 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  1
• The Series Bible
Wednesday January 30 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  2
• Series Plotting
Wednesday February 6 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  3
• Series Character Arcs
Wednesday February 13 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  4
• Treatments
Wednesday February 20 Writing
Wednesday February 27 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  5
• Script Editing, Revising and Redrafting
Wednesday March 6 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  6
• Episode Plotting
Wednesday March 13 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  7
Scene by Scenes
Wednesday March 20 Writing Week
Wednesday March 27 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  8
• Dialogue
Wednesday April 3 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  9
• The Script
Wednesday April 10 Writing
Wednesday April 17 Writing
Wednesday April 24 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  10
• Showrunners
Saturday April 27th Feedback Saturday
Wednesday May 1 Writing
Wednesday May 8 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  11
• Taking A Series To Market I
Wednesday May 15 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  12
• Taking a Series To Market II