Script Consultancy

In addition to the ScreenWrite courses and classes Chris Jury can provide individual script editing services.

Script Reports:

An initial Summary Report (2-3 pages) on a script, treatment or pitch will contain brief comments under 6 headings:

• Premise, Style & Genre
• Theme & Setting
• Plot, Structure & Pace
• Characterisation
• Dialogue & Stage Directions
• Conclusion & Market Positioning

Script Reports on a script, treatment or pitch cost:

• Under 10 pages £40
• 10 – 40 pages £60
• Over 40 pages £95
• Over 90 pages £125
• Over 150 pages £150

Full Script Development

Work at your own pace with extensive, 121, face to face, online feedback at every stage of development.

The fee to develop a feature script or TV Drama  First Episode and Bible from premise to third draft script is £750.

Chris can also devise a bespoke script consultancy programme to suit your situation and stage of development.

Please email Chris at to discuss how he could help develop your script and your writing.

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