One to One Bespoke Training & Consultancy

In addition to the ScreenWrite courses and classes we can provide individual, 121  training, coaching and script editing services.

1-2-1 Training & Coaching

If you are unable to travel to Stratford Upon Avon for our weekend teaching classes or you wish to study at your own pace and at a different time of year to the scheduled classes then you can take the 101 Introduction to Screenwriting, 102 Feature Film or 103 Authored TV Drama courses as entirely online courses designed specifically for your needs and on a schedule to suit your circumstances.

The TV Serials & Soaps course is not offered as a 121 course because group working is central to the course design.

To offer a course to one student individually is more time-consuming for the tutor and is therefore more expensive.

Fees for 121 courses are normally paid in three instalments. So for example the fees for a bespoke version of the 101 Introduction To Screenwriting course a payment of £350 is required before the course starts a further payment of £300 is required after 8 weeks and the final payment after 12 weeks.

121 Course Fees:

101 Introduction To Screenwriting = £1000

102 Feature Film = £1200

103 Authored TV Drama = £1400


Script Reports:

An initial Summary Report (2-3 pages) on a script, treatment or pitch will contain brief comments under 6 headings:

• Premise, Style & Genre
• Theme & Setting
• Plot, Structure & Pace
• Characterisation
• Dialogue & Stage Directions
• Conclusion & Market Positioning

Script Reports on a script, treatment or pitch cost:

• Under 10 pages £85
• 10 – 40 pages £150
• Over 40 pages £250
• Over 150 pages £400

Full Script Development

Work at your own pace with extensive, 121, face to face feedback at every stage of development.

The fee to develop a feature script or TV Drama  First Episode and Bible from premise to third draft script is £999.



I can also devise a bespoke script consultancy programme to suit your situation and stage of development.

Please email me at to discuss how I could help develop your script and your writing.


“I realise now how little I knew about writing and went from being scared of it, thinking it was impossible, to looking forward to becoming involved in the work.”

“I understand so much more about script writing now and think the knowledge I have gained is crucial for anyone entering this world.”

“Chris has completely changed the way I perceive scriptwriting. Not only in regards to the writing process but how the industry itself works, and how the writer fits in relation to it.”

“Without working with Chris I don’t think I would have been able to cope in the industry. He has shown me so much and although a lot of it wasn’t good news it was the sort of information I needed to know, the knowledge I have gained is invaluable.”

“Having a professional talk to me so honestly about my writing and the business of writing really opened my eyes and how little I actually knew.”

“Chris is very honest and working with him has made me feel so much more prepared and aware.”

“I feel that Chris has helped me to gain confidence about trying to gain work as a script writer. I feel I have learnt a lot about the way the industry works and that this will benefit me a lot.”

“Seeing the writing process from the point of view of every other craft role was a great experience.”

“Working with Chris has been extremely helpful and insightful. The entire time I was guided by Chris and never left in the dark. I was always given direction which I really appreciated because previously I have always had to work things out for myself but he would be straight with you and to the point.”

“I think the way Chris communicates is very good. He always responds to any enquiry straight away and is always reachable and reliable and also very supportive in the work we do.”

“I am really glad I chose to work with Chris as I think I have learnt more about scriptwriting and more about myself than I have in anything I have done before.”

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