“Wow! Excellent! Fantastic tutor! What a brilliant course. I now have something I love to focus on.”

“Amazing learning and the main tutor Chris Jury, was fantastic!”

“I took a similar course at a university a few years ago but I’ve learnt far more than I did then because of the superior structure.” 

“The course was extremely helpful and insightful. The entire time I  was guided by Chris and was never left in the dark. I was always given direction which I really appreciated because previously I have always been left to work things out for myself but he would be straight with me and to the point.”

“The communication between the student and the tutor is very good as he always responds to any enquiry straight away and is always reachable and reliable and also very supportive in the practical work.”

“Guided by Chris’s wealth of knowledge and experience, I have been encouraged to work on my original story and been given advice on how to see it grow into something more tangible over the weeks. The course requires perseverance and dedication but that brings with it a huge sense of satisfaction and achievement upon completing the tasks!”

“Chris is a very inspiring and motivating tutor! His knowledge about writing comes from his own experience and he is generous about sharing this. His anecdotes and practical examples illuminate the  writing process extremely effectively. He always appears interested in my work and gives the impression that what I have done has merit… before he then points out what I could have done better to gain more effect! This intensive 1-2-1, feedback sets him apart from other tutors as it is detailed , specific and explanatory. “

Chris Jury is an award-winning actor, writer, producer and director of film and television drama.

Born in Coventry in the English Midlands, Chris studied Drama/English at Hull University and began working as an actor in the theatre with such names as Mike Bradwell, Danny Boyle and Anthony Minghella; And with companies as diverse as Hull Truck, The Bush and Stratford East. He also worked extensively as an actor  in film and TV appearing most notably as Eric Catchpole in over 50 episodes of the BBC’s long running series, Lovejoy.

During the six years of Lovejoy he also ran his own TV script development company, Picture That, and was commissioned to develop drama and comedy projects for all major UK Broadcasters.

After working as Development Executive Television Drama at BBC Pebble Mill, in Birmingham, he wrote and directed a series of short films including the award winning, Puke Fiction: The Vomit Trilogy, which he was subsequently commissioned to develop as a series for the C4 comedy department.

Since 1997 he has worked as a successful freelance writer in theatre, television and film but specialising in episodic television drama. He has been commissioned to develop his own shows by all the main broadcasters including the BBC, C4, ITV and BSkyB and has written numerous episodes of The Bill, Doctors, Holby City and Casualty.

He has also directed Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Family Affairs, Courtroom,  The Royal Today, Doctors and over 60 episodes of Eastenders.

One of his recent theatre plays, The Liberty Tree, was one of the winners of the Script6 national playwriting competition run by The Space.  His historical play, about Stalin’s second wife, Nadya Alliluyeva, was recently presented at The Park Theatre and starring Michelle Terry, Stephen Tompkinson, Phyllis Logan, Shaun Prendergast, Dominic Mafham, Rupert Holiday Evans, David Robb and Jamie Foreman.

He has lectured on scriptwriting and Film & TV production at the University Of West London, The Northern Film School, Leeds Metropolitan University, Bath Spa University, University Of The Creative Arts  and Ruskin College Oxford.

He is currently working with producers in the USA to develop, Rednecks, an historical television drama series set in the coal mines of 1920’s West Virginia. He is also in development on several UK projects with companies as diverse as Kudos, Red Planet, ITV Studios and the BBC. He is Artistic Director of Public Domain Arts & Media, and writes the political philosophy blog, I Am Not A Number.

Website www.chrisjury.co.uk 

My first tutorial at Hull University

“I realise now how little I knew about writing and went from being scared of it, thinking it was impossible, to looking forward to becoming involved in the work.”

“I understand so much more about script writing now and think the knowledge I have gained is crucial for anyone entering this world.”

“Chris has completely changed the way I perceive scriptwriting. Not only in regards to the writing process but how the industry itself works, and how the writer fits in relation to it.”

“Without working with Chris I don’t think I would have been able to cope in the industry. He has shown me so much and although a lot of it wasn’t good news it was the sort of information I needed to know, the knowledge I have gained is invaluable.”

“Having a professional talk to me so honestly about my writing and the business of writing really opened my eyes and how little I actually knew.”

“Chris is very honest and working with him has made me feel so much more prepared and aware.”

“I feel that Chris has helped me to gain confidence about trying to gain work as a script writer. I feel I have learnt a lot about the way the industry works and that this will benefit me a lot.”

“Seeing the writing process from the point of view of every other craft role was a great experience.”

“Working with Chris has been extremely helpful and insightful. The entire time I was guided by Chris and never left in the dark. I was always given direction which I really appreciated because previously I have always had to work things out for myself but he would be straight with you and to the point.”

“I think the way Chris communicates is very good. He always responds to any enquiry straight away and is always reachable and reliable and also very supportive in the work we do.”

“I am really glad I chose to work with Chris as I think I have learnt more about scriptwriting and more about myself than I have in anything I have done before.”

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