104 • TV Serials And Soaps


• A part-time course taught over 20 weeks.

• Next runs January – May 2020.

• Starting with a taught weekend in Stratford-Upon-Avon followed by 12 x 2 hour live, online, virtual classes on Wednesday evenings.

• Work collaboratively as part of a team of writers to develop a new soap.

• Suitable for writers with some professional or proto-professional* experience or who have completed  some other screen writer training (including ScreenWrite 101, 102 or 103).

• Fees from £799.

(*Proto-professional might include deferred fee production, online video’s or spec script development)


Each student will collaborate and share a credit on a ‘Bible’ of a new serial/soap and have sole credit on their own episode. 



Serials and soaps are still the mainstay of linear schedules for mainstream broadcasters. This course will introduce you to the collaborative praxis of writing for serials and soaps. Above all other forms writers on soaps are only one part of a team and learning to work creatively within such a collective and demanding process can be a real challenge. Thus this course places each writer in a collaborative team of 4-8 writers who will jointly create a new soap and each write an episode. This course covers the history of serials & soaps, the unique characteristics of the serial and soap form, serial and soap production techniques and the writing process.

Each writer must come to the first session prepared to pitch an idea for a new soap.


Evidence of professional or proto-professional writing experience or previous screen writing training (including ScreenWrite 101, 102 or 103).

You should be able to both speak and write in English to a reasonable standard.

Minimum Age:  18 at start of course.

Required Equipment: To study on this course you will need

• A computer with webcam and microphone
• Evening access to a fast broadband connection
• Daily access to an email account

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED: In order to make enrolment as fair as possible and to enhance your learning experience, please be aware that we have a maximum of 15 places available for each course and operate a first come, first served basis.

104 • TV Serials And Soaps • Detailed Schedule And Syllabus:

Saturday January 25th 2020 Day 1 TV Serials & Soaps
• TV Serials & Soaps. What they are and how they work.
• The Production Machine: The harsh realities of Soap production
Sunday January 26th 2020 Day 2 TV Serials & Soaps
• Writing collaboratively
• Commissioning Meeting
Wednesday January 29 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  1
• The Audience
Wednesday February 5 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  2
• Story Strands & Structure
Wednesday February 12 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  3
• The Cliff Hanger
Wednesday February 19 Writing Week
Wednesday February 26 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  4
• Soap Character Types
Wednesday March 4 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  5
• Enduring Soap Characters
Wednesday March 11 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  6
• Dialogue in Soaps Corrie v ‘Stenders 
Wednesday March 18 Writing Week
Wednesday March 25 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  7
• Writer Webinar
Wednesday April 1 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  8
• Script Editor Webinar
Wednesday April 8 Writing Week
Wednesday April 15 Writing Week
Wednesday April 22 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  9
• Producer Webinar
Wednesday 29 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  10
• Agent Webinar
Saturday April 2nd Feedback Saturday
Wednesday May 6th 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  11
Wednesday May 13 19.30-21.30 Virtual Class  12
• Getting on to a soap writing team


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